SPARK Grant Applications Are Now Open for 2022-23

Each year, SPARK funds a variety of new and innovative programs that enrich the lives of the more than 90,000 students in Prince William County. These programs are not normally possible through limited school budgets.

Through its SPARK Grants Program, the Foundation invests in programs that directly and measurably impact student achievement. These programs may impact a single classroom, a team of teachers, an individual school, or the entire School Division. Whatever their size, scope, or purpose, they represent a profound belief that every child can be successful.

How to Apply

Applications may be filled out online using our SPARK Grant Application hosted by Kaleidoscope. This third-party platform will take you through steps to create your login as part of your application. Applications can be saved and returned to while applying, before submission, during the open cycle period. You may lose your application if it is not submitted by the 15th of the month.

As part of your application, you will be asked to list your supervisor or principal and their email address so that we may obtain their approval as part of the application process. Their signature will be requested from Kaleidoscope via an automatic email. 

NOTE: Please let your supervisor or principal know to look for an email from Kaleidoscope so that they may sign the application prior to the deadline on the 15th. Please be advised these emails sometimes go to the junk or daily digest folders.

If you experience trouble logging into your application, or you have trouble with the auto-email requesting signature of your Supervisor or Principal, please contact the Kaleidoscope Help Desk at



Applications should thouroughly explain all aspects of a project or program. All questions must be answered and digital siganture by a supervisor/principal must be acquired in order to be considered by the Grant Review Committee.  


Applications will ask for information about the applicant, the proposed program, the proposed program timeline, and the proposed program budget. SPARK Grants fund programs up to $5,000. If your proposed budget is over $5,000, you will be asked to communicate in the application which costs you are asking for the grant to fund in an amount not to exceed the $5,000. You will also be asked to explain where the rest of the needed funding is expected to come from.

SPARK typically does not fund the following items:

If your application includes any of the following line-items, please be mindful that they will either be deducted from the approved funding total if the grant is partially-funded, or the grant may be denied. 

  • Professional Learning/Training/Development
  • Stipends or Salaries 
  • Products to sell or send home with students permanently (items that become personal property)
  • Funding or fees for Guest Speakers
    • Occaisionally, SPARK will fund a Guest Speaker if the application provides information regarding substantial before and after speaker-event activities that incorporate classroom learning objectives.
  • Field Trips
    • Occaisionally, SPARK will fund field trips or transprotation outside of a SPARK Grant capacity, or if the field trip is only a portion of a larger program initiative that can be explained thoroughly in the grant application.

Examples of Previously Funded Programs:

The SPARK Grants Review Committee is seeking applications that thoroughly identify a need and provide an innovative approach to that need. Examples of fully funded and exceptional ideas can be reviewed by downloading the SPARK Grant Examples (PDF).



The SPARK Grant Applications online process (using Kaleidoscope) will open in August for the first deadline, September 15, 2022.

Applications are due monthly on the 15th and will be accepted until funds for are depleted for the year. An update will be posted on the website when we have reached our last month accepting applications (usually between January and March).

Applications are reviewed by the Grant Committee at the end of the month received and awarded in the following month.


  • Applications are due on 15th of the month - for example, October 15
  • Applications are generally reviewed by the Grant Committee during the last week of the same month, unless that is a holiday week - for example, fourth week of October
  • Applicants are notified if they will or will not be receiving funding the during the following month - for example, by the end of November

In the event an application is denied funding, the applicant can re-apply, if they choose. However, the applicant must fully reapply, as previously submitted applications will not be re-opened for re-submission.

Please note that while applications will be accepted starting August 15, those applications may be reviewed with the September applications, meaning the first notifications to grant recipients will be by the end of October.


Awarded Grants

If your application is selected for full or partial funding, you will receive a letter notifying you of the applications acceptance and the funding amount. This letter will also include information about retaining necessary financial documents that will need to be turned in alongside a Grant Report detailing the outcome of the program.

Please note: Funds must be depleted within 90 days of disbursement. Any funds that remain after 90 days will be recollected by SPARK. If there is a reason the funds cannot be spent within 90 days, you must request an extension from the SPARK office.

A Grant Report that outlines the outcome of the program is required of all grant recipients. The report form will be sent to you from the SPARK office prior to its due date. Failure to return the completed Grant Report with all necessary financial documents will result in an inability for you to apply for future grants.


Grant Report Deadlines

Grants awarded between September and January will required to submit their Grant Report in May.

Grants awarded between January and the end of the school year will be required to submit their Grant Report by the following December.


Have Questions?

Contact us with questions by emailing